Here's Our Story...

Some stories you listen to or hear about, in your lifetime create different feelings, in the heart and in the mind. Sometimes it’s like watching a movie, sometimes a train wreck. Some you can’t wait to share. Some you try and forget. Some make you the person you are. Farm 58 is one of those you can’t wait to pass on to the next generation: a truly shareable, memorable, non-
fictional love story.

In 1955, two high school seniors, James A. “Fox” LeCroy and Maggie Jean Jordan, often crossed paths in the classroom and on the basketball court. It was on their senior trip to Washington, DC that they finally made a connection. He offered her his coat and the rest is

They married on June 27, 1958 at Toccoa Falls in the original chapel. In 1960, they moved to a farmhouse that was built in 1916, that they named Windy Hill Farm. This would be their place where life happened. Maggie, a registered nurse and James, the Franklin County Clerk of Court for 28 years, made this beauty in Northeast Georgia what it is today.

Our Story

Time has surely passed, many sunrises and sunsets, trials, victories, life and death. Two children, seven grandchildren and ten great grandchildren later, a vision to bring it back to its glory days has begun. We honor James and Maggie in their 58 years of marriage that began in 1958, by renaming Windy Hill Farm, to Farm 58.

On 25 acres we invite you to experience the tree tunnel driveway, the old hay barn, rolling hills and pasture terraces, one hundred year old oak trees, pecan trees that tower taller than the farmhouse, flowers and vegetation that have been meticulously planned and cultivated.
Let us help create the experience you want to begin your own story on Farm 58. We offer 5 areas to choose from for your ceremony or event. We invite you to share the timeless beauty, history and love of Farm 58.